Tuesday, June 9, 2009

tuesday bowling tuesday bowl

my friends have a bowling team, tuesday is bowling night, my friends all have FAMILIES, RESPONSIBILITIES, OBLIGATIONS...TUESDAY IS BOWLING NIGHT,...ive been going along and drinking beer and eating chips and gravy for a couple of months. passive observation/morbid curiosity being my watchword...(having never bowled a ball in my life and being the holder of an opinion that bowlers are the missing link between monkey and man)...long story short, 3 weeks ago i started seeing a different side to the lanes, instead of sitting back and gawking at the proles rolling their balls, i took it for what it was...good people enjoying time away from FAMILIES, RESPONSIBILITIES, OBLIGATIONS. this is the result of the last 3 tuesdays,...very early stages but im hoping to continue this into a long term essay.thanks.zzz

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