Monday, June 15, 2009


fridaynight...ED castle....COERCE are my fucking name isn't spoz so forget the big sh peel. what i will say is that MIKE DESLANDES has worked his ass off to get this record out,hes had to deal with some really harsh shit the last few months (on top of full time work, running a studio with 50% of the band residing in melbourne)(well done mat you fuckn sell out!!HAHA) lesser men would have crumbled(justifiably so), instead of imploding, mikes taken his exceedingly talented co-conspirators mat/justin/karls fatty carcusus, lashed them to the back of his CRIMSON STEED and rode them round town a.l.a lee marvin...put quite simply, this is by far the best work to come out of my angry friends head....WE LIKE THAT!!....BACK TO ME, my flash died during robotosaurus,i didnt charge my D3 so had to shoot the D200, BAD START,turned out to be fortuitous coz i got to try some digital double exposures id been planning for a while,im happy with one of them but it was the first attempt so im amped...the show was fun as always.these guys are tight and ended up with mike/mat/bondy shirtless and karl smashing his guitar then proceeding to re verb sed axe and lick his pedal from a position of submissive doggy.hehe.COERCE COERCE COERCE!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

tuesday bowling tuesday bowl

my friends have a bowling team, tuesday is bowling night, my friends all have FAMILIES, RESPONSIBILITIES, OBLIGATIONS...TUESDAY IS BOWLING NIGHT,...ive been going along and drinking beer and eating chips and gravy for a couple of months. passive observation/morbid curiosity being my watchword...(having never bowled a ball in my life and being the holder of an opinion that bowlers are the missing link between monkey and man)...long story short, 3 weeks ago i started seeing a different side to the lanes, instead of sitting back and gawking at the proles rolling their balls, i took it for what it was...good people enjoying time away from FAMILIES, RESPONSIBILITIES, OBLIGATIONS. this is the result of the last 3 tuesdays,...very early stages but im hoping to continue this into a long term essay.thanks.zzz