Saturday, May 23, 2009

mere theory studio session

in what i would consider my CONTEMPORARY existance, that being post 18,post army,post mother,pre Freudian realizations,ive had a friend called NIGEL BLACK, nigel and i have shared many moods(and schnitzels)over the space of many years,we have judged eachother,acted on those judgements (for better or ill) been akin TO and a party OF many realizations/actions, both literal and figurative,collectively and in the loneliest sense, actions that have shaped our individual persona's and realizations that have solidified bonds in ways and on levels that dont require categorization or further analysis...,(all be it from different perspectives from time to time), but of all the remarkable people i have known in my life, nigel is the most most talented, humble, balls out, life on the line, money where your mouth is human being ive ever encountered,...and im PROUD to call him my BROther,... im not going to begin to describe the process and effort that is going into making this new album, (further than saying sleep is a rarety and the fact these guys arent gouging eachothers eyes out is a credit to their collective talents and vision,PUN INTENDED ROSS,hahaha), just wouldnt do it justice....YOUR EARS WILL TELL YOU WHATS UP!!!...stay tuned...

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